Current Projects

Project: Ketchikan McDonald's MRP

Description: T.I. to 4400 sf quick service MCD restaurant including new finishes, restrooms, SAM wall and alphabet Decor package 

Owner: McDonald's USA, LLC

Project Manager(s):  Tim DeLand


                                  (907) 344-6606


                                  Mike Mincks


                                  (907) 344-6331

Superintendent:     Joel Haag




Project: Eagle River McDonald's Rebuild

Description: Complete demolition and new build of 6000sf Quick-Service Restaurant 

Owner: McDonald's USA, LLC

Project Manager(s):  Tim DeLand




                                   Louis Hoffman



Superintendent:       Phil Young




PO Box 112627, Anchorage, AK 99511

Phone: (907)344-5560

Fax: (907)344-5360